Not all business opportunities are created equally. Most businesses serve either consumers or other businesses. Serving businesses, can be far less capital intensive and considerably more profitable. However, most people are not comfortable with the sales development role, so they do not qualify. This leaves a very significant opportunity for people who thrive in a b2b environment.

Of course, b2b franchises are not built on national branding, they are built on local relationships. Unlike consumer focused businesses that rely on advertising to drive sales, business services rely on mounting an outbound sales effort to generate revenue. If you are comfortable with managing the sales process and can lead people, your skills have great value in the franchise marketplace, but nowhere more so than in the b2b arena.

The ROI in business services can be exceptional, but it requires a unique person to qualify. Because of this, the opportunities are not targeted at the masses, making them harder to find. Never simply rely on what is advertised to define your options. If you would like a fresh perspective from a 30 year veteran of the recruiting industry, share some brief information below and I will be happy to share my thoughts on your unique parameters. Thanks, Dan