When it comes to business opportunities, the best is never on the lowest shelf, and they always keep the good stuff in the back. Things of great value are by nature, the least common. Common solutions are not designed to meet your unique needs.

Don’t rely on what is being advertised online to define your range of options. It is a big, dynamic marketplace filled with both awesome and awful opportunities. Not surprisingly, the most vigorously promoted options are often the least desirable.

Knowing where to look is everything. If you search where the masses are searching, you will only find the same things they do. There is no central repository that lists all of the the currently available opportunities, and the best resales are almost never “listed” publicly. Connecting with people who know the marketplace makes all the difference.

If you would like to discover local options that are well aligned with your objectives and resources, we can help. For 15 years our firm has recruited talented investors for North America’s best franchise and license opportunities. We won’t tell you what you should invest in, but we can give you a very pragmatic assessment of what options are likely to best align with your unique qualifications and goals. If it makes sense, we will introduce you to our clients and it is up to you to fall in love or not.

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