As referral agents for the franchise industry, we help companies source qualified candidates to acquire internal resales, or open new markets. There is a huge marketplace of unadvertised opportunities, so let’s talk.


Asking the Right Questions

To find the right answers, it is important to ask the right questions. There is no substitute for knowing the marketplace and having the right contacts. The best re-sale businesses are rarely advertised and the top business opportunities are usually not the ones you see everywhere on the internet.

Dearborn West, LLC leverages thirty years of talent matching experience to help you crystallize your objectives, assess your qualifications, and connect you with the opportunities that you would not otherwise find. The process is quick, cost free and painless.


Request for Consideration

Dearborn West, LLC matches qualified buyers with unique franchise opportunities worldwide. We are paid by franchisors to recruit people capable of acquiring existing franchise units or developing new ones.

A successful franchise MATCH requires a high degree of compatibility between the franchisor and the candidate, which can be difficult to assess for both parties. We use our extensive market knowledge and vast network of industry relationships to help both parties find the right match.

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Dearborn West, LLC has been central to the development of ethical guidelines and best practices in the franchisee recruiting space. Dan Brunell’s 30 years of recruiting experience equipped him to be an innovator, and to bring key process improvements to the franchise development craft. Years of prolific writing spawned the number one resource for professional franchise brokers: FRANCHISE BROKER”S HANDBOOK.